Could You Eat a Grasshopper?

The Grasshopper Story, by Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd, OTR/L

Some children are very adventuresome in trying new foods; others are not. Children “check out” new foods in different ways. More cautious children may first watch us eating the foods, may pick it up and drop it on the floor or feed the dog. They may squish it between their fingers or put it in their mouth and spit it out. To get to a personal comfort level with new flavors and textures, children follow their own individualized exploration techniques. They are much more willing to try new things if they are allowed to explore at their own pace.

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Anxious Eaters Anxious Mealtimes

Many children demonstrate anxiousness around mealtimes and their anxiousness can create a challenge for the WHOLE family. Some of these children have diagnosed or undiagnosed anxiety issues, some may be diagnosed with autism or on the autism spectrum. Others may have been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or food neophobia. Still others have no actual diagnosis, but are rigid about their meals, anxious about change in foods or presentation.
by Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd.OTR/L
Anxious Eaters Anxious Mealtimes


How to Help a Selective Eater
How to Help a Selective Eater


Complete Tube Feeding

Everything you need to know about tube feeding, tube nutrition and blended diets 
by Eric Aadhaar O’Gorman


Homemade Blended Formula Handbook

by Marsha Dunn Klein and Suzanne Evans Morris


My Tubey Books


Prefeeding Skills (second edition)

by Suzanne Evans Morris and Marsha Dunn Klein



Mealtime Connections, LLC

Mealtime Connections, LLC brings together a group of therapy professionals who are passionate about understanding and treating infants and young chidren with developmental delays and feeding difficulties. We specialize in working with families and children with complicated medical and feeding concerns which may be related to diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, autism, prematurity, genetic disorders, Down syndrome, and general developmental delays. We also provide comprehensive treatment for medically based challenges such as oral aversion, reflux, food allergies, poor weight gain, swallowing difficulties, gastrointestinal concerns, and G-tube transitions. We are located in Tucson, Arizona.

Mealtime Notions, LLC

Mealtime Notions, LLC was started by Marsha Dunn-Klein, MEd, OTR/L, to provide mealtime support for parents and professionals who feed infants and small children with special feeding challenges. Mealtime Notions, LLC offers valuable resources and mealtime tips to help you meet your feeding challenges. In addition, Mealtime Notions offers books, DVDs and other specialized products to support mealtimes. For more information visit


Food by Tube

Optimizing nutrition with homemade blended formula. By Jude Trautlein, RD


You Start With a Tube

Blenderized diet, tube feeding and related stuff. For everyone who might want to know more

Tummy Tunnels

Check out the iron on patch that provides access to G-tubes without damage to clothing.


P.O.P.S.I.C.L.E. Center, Inc.

Parent Organized Partnerships Supporting Infants and Children Learning to Eat.

P.O.P.S.I.C.L.E. Center Infant and Child Feeding Questionnaire ©

The purpose of this web-based questionnaire is to help you with information to answer questions you may have about your child’s feeding habits. If you have concerns about your child’s feeding, know that you are not alone. We are here to help you and your child have safe and happy mealtimes. Check out their amazing website.

New Visions

New Visions provides continuing education and therapy services to professionals and parents working with infants and children with feeding, swallowing, oral-motor, and pre-speech problems.
by Suzanne Evans Morris, PhD

Feeding Tubes App

Now there is an app especially for kids with feeding tubes!
Feeding Tubes App

Kozie Clothes

Kozie Clothes produces special clothing for special children increasing the sense of ease for caretakers and offering comfort and adorable styles for children. The clothing is designed specifically to promote dignity and independence for children with special needs…

Tubie Friends

Taking the fear out of feeding tubes, one friend at a time…

The Oley Foundation

Tube feeding consumer support.


Homemade Blended formula

Blenderized Tube Feeding Clinical Perspectives on Homemade Tube Feeding

Homemade tube feeding (HMTF) is food liquefied in a blender and bolus fed through a gastrostomy tube (g-tube) as an alternative to commercial formula. 
Submitted by Melissa J Mortensen, RD, CD Graduate Student, University of Washington Nutritional Science Program. Published in PNPG Post, Fall 2006, Vol. 17, Number 1
Blenderized Tube Feeding Clinical Perspectives on Homemade Tube Feeding


Homemade Blended Formula

Many families who nourish their children by feeding tube are asking if they can put “real “ food into the tube. Can they make homemade food to use with or instead of the commercial formula? These families want to nurture their tube fed children with meals just like their orally fed children. Many parents are providing some type of homemade formula successfully by tube every day. 
by Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd, OTR/L, Ellen Duperret, RD and Jude Trautlein, RD. (Reprinted with permission from Exceptional Parent Magazine Vol. 36 Issue 2)
Homemade Blended Formula


Homemade Blended Formula Handbook – Introduction

Many families who are providing tube feedings for their children have asked,“Why can’t I feed this child the nutrition I feed my other children?”
by Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd, OTR/L and Suzanne Evans Morris, PhD, CCC-SLP
Homemade Blended Formula Handbook – Introduction


Homemade Blended Tube Feeding

By Ellen Duperret, RD, Jude Trautlein, RD and Marsha Dunn Klein MEd, OTR/L, Published in Nutrition Focus Newsletter, September/October 2004 Volume 19 #5. Click on the link to order your copy.


Homemade Tube Feeding Formula…Two Dietitians’ Perspective

Ellen Duperret, R.D. and Jude Trautlein, R.D. are pediatric dietitians currently practicing in Tucson, Arizona. Here are their thoughts on homemade tube feeding formulas.
by Ellen Duperret, RD and Jude Trautlein, RD
Homemade Tube Feeding Formula Two Dietitians’ Perspective


Make Your Own Food for Tube Feeding

By Roslyn Dahl, Oley Foundation


Why Seek the Help of a Registered Dietitian When Using Homemade Blended Formula?

Families who are using homemade blended formula (HBF) for their g-tube fed children are reporting exciting successes. I have personally seen improvements in volume tolerance, bowel health and most importantly in growth, development and weight gain when children use HBF.
by Jude Trautlein, RD
Why Seek the Help of a Registered Dietitian When Using Homemade Blended Formula?


Tube Feeding

Children with Feeding Tubes

by Suzanne Evans Morris, PhD
Children with Feeding Tubes


Tube Feeding Terminology

The words we use reflect our attitudes. The terminology used in tube transitions is very important. Let us think about the words we use when we offer tube feedings to children…
by Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd.OTR/L
Tube Feeding Terminology


Tube Feeding Transition Plateaus

The journey children make from tube feeding to oral feeding is personal for each child and family. However, there are some predictable plateaus that children reach in this transition. Understanding the transition plateaus and the reasons children spend time on them can help professionals to better support parents and children in the process…
by Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd.OTR/L
Tube Feeding Transition Plateaus


Turn Those Tube Feedings into Mealtimes!

Tube feedings are used to nourish children who are otherwise unable to take in enough calories to grow. When tubes are first placed, many families describe feeling overwhelmed. There is a whole new language and new equipment, none of which parents really wanted to learn. And then there is the responsibility of feeding their child through the tube. In the worry about “getting it right,” the tube feeding can easily turn into another procedure to follow, like taking a temperature or giving medicine. Instead of being a meal, the tube feeding becomes a dose!…
by Marsha Dunn Klein, MEd.OTR/L
Turn Those Tube Feedings into Mealtimes!