Apply for Direct Therapy Services

One of the basic missions of Nourish is to provide support for families of children who have feeding challenges. We do this by funding dietitian evaluations and ongoing support or direct feeding therapy (occupational therapy or speech therapy) or specialized equipment not otherwise covered by insurance. If a child needs these services, Nourish wants to help them happen! If your child, or a child you know, would benefit from therapy services, but the family cannot afford those services, Nourish can help. You may apply directly from our website.


Read First to Apply


To apply for assistance with direct therapy services, please complete one of the following applications by either mailing an application directly to Nourish or completing the application online. In both applications, please note that you are submitting medical information and that Nourish will not distribute sensitive medical information to any third parties. 

printable application


online application - COMING SOON

OR call 520-230-3630 and ask about assistance from Nourish.