Your generous support helps Nourish fund critical areas of need in the Food Therapy Community:

  • Sponsor an uninsured or underinsured child’s feeding therapy or dietician services

  • Provide Parent Support Groups for Tube Feeding, Food Selectivity and Eosinophilic Enteropathy Challenges

  • Provide specialized feeding equipment for children who have feeding challenges

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Make a Tax Credit Donation to Nourish

How it works: Just send a donation (or make one online) and we'll send you a receipt for your records. Contributions to Nourish are eligible for the Credit for Donations made to Qualifying Charitable Organizations tax credit (NEW as of 1/1/2016: $800 limit for married couples filing jointly, $400 limit for single filers, head of household, or married couples filing separately). The Credit for Donations tax credit is separate from the Arizona School tax credits. Contributions which qualify for this credit result in a dollar for dollar reduction in your state tax liability, and go directly back into helping children in Southern Arizona.

Or click the Donate button below to make your Tax Credit Donation online via Paypal. Be sure click on the orange link "Add special instructions to the seller" on the PayPal confirmation page and write a note that you are making a Tax Credit.  Prefer to write a check?  For contributions, print out this form here and mail it in to Nourish, PO Box 36831, Tucson, AZ 85740.  If you are making a 2018 contribution, please print this form and mail it to the address listed.  Thank you!

More Ways to Contribute!

Please help Nourish develop NEW programs to provide:

  • Parent or professional training session on specific types of feeding challenges

  • Increase awareness of feeding challenges within the professional community to improve timely support for families

  • Start a new parent support group, “Taking Care of Yourself While Taking Care of Others”

  • Get iPads in the hands of children for feeding therapy

Donate a Foodmill

Nourish is giving away food mills/baby food grinders to help children with texture transitions. You can help by dropping one or two off at the Nourish office.

Donate an ipad

Great food apps have been developed that help children learn about food and increase their comfort level with food interactions. There have been great therapy successes with iPads.


Nourish needs volunteers to: Provide some administrative support, help with the Taste of Nourish Fundraiser, become a Committee Member