Our 9th Annual Taste for Nourish event is in the works. Join us for an evening of sweet and savory tastes from local restaurants and a unique silent auction filled with stay-cations, dazzling jewelry, and themed baskets (plus our gift cards trees will be full!). When the auction closes, join us in the theatre for a fun live auction, intriguing videos, all led by our fantastic host of the evening. Don’t miss it!

November 1st, 2019 at 6:15 pm

Brady’s Tips

Did you miss the Taste for Nourish event last year? Or were you not able to stay for the presentation? Watch the video below and learn Brady’s Tips for Cautious Eaters.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing family and community support for children with feeding challenges through therapy assistance for dietitian evaluations, direct feeding therapy (occupational therapy or speech therapy) or special equipment for which insurance is either not available or does not cover.

The mission of Nourish is to provide family and community support for children with feeding challenges. When children are unable to eat a balanced diet by mouth due to medical or behavioral difficulties, parents need a lot of support. But in these challenging economic times, support can be hard to find.

Nourish is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides:

• Therapy assistance for children whose families cannot afford feeding therapy or dietitian services

• Specialized feeding therapy equipment

• Support groups for parents of children with a variety of feeding needs

Therapy Services are made possible through grants and your generous private donations.

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Your generous support helps Nourish fund critical areas of need in the Food Therapy Community through:

  • Sponsoring an uninsured or underinsured child’s feeding therapy or dietician services

  • Providing parents with Feeding Support and Training Groups

  • Providing specialized feeding equipment for children

  • Getting iPads in the hands of children for feeding therapy

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Nourish provides support for families of children who have feeding challenges through therapy assistance. We do this by providing funding for dietitian evaluations and ongoing support or direct feeding therapy (occupational therapy or speech therapy) or specialized equipment not otherwise covered by insurance.

If your child, or a child you know, would benefit from therapy assistance from Nourish, you may apply directly from our website.

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Thank you to everyone for supporting the 8th Annual Taste for Nourish fundraiser and for helping us raise over $24,000 to support children and families with feeding challenges in Southern Arizona. (10/19/18)

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